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At First Dental in Auckland, our aim is to provide a relaxed and caring environment for our patients. We realise that a visit to the dentist can commonly be a source of anxiety for some people. Our qualified dentist and experienced team will take the time to make sure you are totally at ease with the proceedings and the treatment you receive. On this page we present you with customer testimonials that will illustrate our level of service. For more information, please contact us today.

Customer testimonial

Dentist at First Dental
I was very happy with the care which I was given from First Dental.
From the commencement of my treatment through to the completion I was given an explanation of the procedures and received assurance throughout. 
I am 100% happy with the end result and am able to smile again without feeling uncomfortable. 

Would highly recommend,

Lindiana Rudolph

I needed a bit of work done, so I called up and booked for a check up and the rest as they say is History. I was very happy with the treatment I had done, the Dentist went out of his way to ensure that I was happy with the results. I would definitely recommend First Dental and would give it a 5 stars.

Omar Jaber

Akeel and Sunita were absolutely fabulous, I was always nervous and embarrassed of the bad condition my teeth were in. Dr Akeel made me feel less nervous and assured me that we could make it a lot better and that it was my gums that had the condition, not so much my teeth. I was a frequent patient and we both persevered relentlessly. I kept up with the cleaning and flossing, then eventually my gums become better. Then we were able to do the surgery (Implants). You cannot put a price on a "smile". Leaving First Dental today, I am on such a high as I can "really" smile for the first time without worrying about somebody seeing my plate. 
I have nothing but respect for the great work Dr Akeel has done, along side him the lovely Sunita, who always kept me calm. 
I strongly recommend First Dental and his lovely staff, right down to their two lovely receptionists.
Once again thank you very much.


The lady with the wicked smile!

 Ursula Ulberg

First Dental Henderson were recommended to me by a friend. I was amazed at the efficiency in which First Dental were able to assist him with his dental requirements.
From the first consultation and ongoing treatments, Dr Akeel Shaaban and his team were very helpful, accommodating and professional. The reception staff will ensure consultations were convenient for me and would send text or email reminders for upcoming appointments.
Dr Shaaban and his dental assistant were extremely professional, hard working and always had my best interest, care and safety at forefront of every consultation.  
I am very pleased with the dental treatment I have received. The results have exceeded my expectations. 

Thank you First Dental Henderson.

Hakaraia Te Maro

Receptionist checking patients details
First Dental came to my attention through the Western Leader quite some months ago, after reading the advertisement on numerous occasions; it was the first stage of facing my fear of going to the dentist. On my very first visit, I was greeted with beautiful smiles and genuine friendly staff who could straight away see that I was hesitant about entering. After my first consultation with my dentist and the dental assistants, I knew I had made the right decision.
Knowing that money was a concern, I was not pressured into having to have all my dental work done but to choose what I felt was right for me. The care and assistance that I received during my dentistry work was fantastic. I cannot thank all the staff enough for how comfortable and relaxed they made me feel and the reassurance that everything was going to be ok. First Dental takes care of you not just through the first consultation, but also during recovery. They were able to assist with any questions I had after I returned home.

 I know in future should I need to go to the dentist that First Dental would always be my first choice. You will not be disappointed.

Cheers to all

Mrs Davidson
Dr Akeel with his happy patient, Ursula Ulberg
Before and After photos of Hakaraia Te Maro
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